Saturday, August 29, 2009


No matter how far I go,

there’s a space where I’m more alive, than dead…

more distant, than close…

Walking ahead to nowhere,

something I remember with no trace of memory…

smile hidden in the way or are they lost??

In winter, it’s always cold….

even when you believe in magic..

And some heart songs remain unanswered forever..

As all noises die, still there’s no silence around…

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Gathering up the perfume from the lost flowers…
They say it's not beautiful anymore cos the fragrance is lost forever
Shadows of cool breeze, I saw them through moonlight;
and saw the path and slivering through I’m not sure what it were;
I heard a familiar voice;
On my warm face the breeze was kind and warm.
The silence seemed to speak……..
All ramblers seem to add to the charm of the moment ….
Still something was missing and the rustling of leaves grew louder..
And the voice says within me that’s
There’s no beauty in me anymore……..
Even when I’m searching for right words…
I wish if I could know me through….

Friday, July 31, 2009

Brimming per navitas

After a span of almost 9 years I was hearing from one of my childhood friends (thanks to the orkut) and listening to her, those good old memories just filled in...Disconnecting the call my spirits were still high and my smile was still intact though stuck to my face forever..Then I realized that we never get old when it comes to the our childhood friends, they remain forever young...Nothing really change them those good old memories where you always feel belonged…The music of life, Where the symphony is at its best ..those pranks, those fun filled moments with childhood innocence to teenage whims everything make a golden note in the hearts scrapbook….and when the years run like passing dream with just a blink of eye when you return to them your heart finally says “ this is where you belong”,…..isn’t???? and now when I look back , I love all of those even more dearly holding them still more close….and here I’m delighting in the voice of friendship and the school that gave me all this for many years…and years of what made what I’m.. and to all my friends whom I miss very badly…

Listening to rain, sometimes you feel like those rain drops too have a story to say.. Silent they are still whispering aloud…At times for no good reason when you feel lonely and there your mobile beeps, see your friend’s message sending a big you just feel like spreading your hands wide and embrace them filled with love…

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moment to treasure on....

Pondering on… Crashing waves for company I feel to spread my wings, take a leap just to see what lies ahead...Gazing at the stars I realize that some of them would have been extinct by now just like those moments in our life whose magic we realize after they are lost forever...Time in its flight how much I wish to be taken to a place where I just can hold onto every moment..Warmth of the breeze embracing me for eternity...This moon swept dunes would leave footprint in my heart forever..

Friday, June 26, 2009

Capturing rain....

Its raining again and im caught in the storm of memories…memories that got locked in heart which should have been a treasured nugget…and now all of them haunting hitting the spine and it much I wish if I had the key to unlock and free myself from it..memories that sings to the tune and rhythm of thunders the pitter patter of rain still on…carrying that old picture for long why doesn’t it fade away???gentle moments…are they?????

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some memories down the lane...

Some  memories never leave us .,they are engraved in hearts scrapbook with all its beauty and tenderness gentle yet strong…

I’m sure none of us remember our first puddle so is my case..

But I went back to mom and ask and she’ll had every account of it
looking into her eyes as she described them i went back to those days again..

I was mesmerized by the vibes that went in through as she did ..

Mom who taught me to take my first step who held on with hope through every fall of mine..

I can still see her turn her face when I have fun in Paragliding or when im in giant wheels....

Kids never really grow up for the mother isn’t????

Sitting back I can feel them…. And I know they’ll always be there…

I can’t even recall how I was scared of stage

The stage fear was the worst in my teenage age too...But my dad  took it away from me

Like a magician with a wave of wand….

And he can recall it  all, my excitement after every win..

My disappointments when I lost..he taught me the spirit of sportsmanship ,

Not by mere words but as a standing example...

He taught me life is not about winning after all…
His arms were strong enough for a life like mine
Always directing me through right path be it teaching how to ride a bicycle or handling situations of life.,

And I know he is still there for me
His thoughts are the guiding light
blessed with warmth and love…

To two people in my life who are my world….love u..

and now another tear rolls down and dies a gentle death another smile peeps out and weathers down before it could end……………….



Monday, May 4, 2009

College Life memories forever

Gulping down hostel food after a quick shower,  putting on the  best salwar(dress code u know….) a cool colors….., freshened with some deodorant perfume sometimes a combination of all from your roommates collection….  and finally leaving for college, speeding along

 the stair and at the entrance giving yourself a final look and setting hair in the common mirror. Then you enter your class (after meeting som

e friends your way), daringly 15 minutes after the lec

ture has begun (even guys didn’t dare to that he he he he). Selecting the first bench just down the stage and a  tall guy or short or plump whoever it were for we patiently wait (only to get on with the attendance).

Almost all students keep gazing at the professor but with their minds somewhere down in the canteen or at the door, waiting for `that someone' to come or thinking of that special appointment you have on that day. There were of course a handful of 

sincere first-bench-students (now you

 understand why we chose those benches he hehe….), who attend each and every lecture and have all the detailed notes, which the outstanding students, (students who are always standing out) can photocopy a few days before the examinations. Joking and gossiping from behind your Watson and Benjamin Lewin (thank god for their size)

 book or playing cross and knots in the most boring lecture during which half the class is already snoring, whe

re some of the methods adopted to kill time. By the end of the lecture, everyone is restless and keeps glancing at their watches, slamming books and dropping bags. The professor mercilessly continues teaching.

Submissions were the only time you get to see all your classmates, who are tho

se familiar faces that we often saw all around the campuses but your class….

The bell rings and everyone is out of the class, meeting friends in the canteen or at the corridors where u can still hear those securities whistling to keep the guys and gals from socializing ooooopsssss……. During summer well it’s strange to specify though its hot hotter hottest around the year so which one to pick is a matter of your personal choice….. It’s fun, to sip a nice hot cup of coffee (now u understand why I say crazy????), drooling over your amour beau or belle, exchanging secret smiles and then telling your friends of your latest crush. The thrill of bunking lectures, the fun of secret partying inside the closed doors of hostel. or going for movies and picnics, the joy when you receive the long desired `yes' from the one you have always loved, or the embarrassment of facing the person you were talk

ing about, who all the while was standing just beside you, are truly unforgettable times.

Who can forget the numerous pranks we played. The first time we spoke or were introduced to the one we secretly admired and loved. Secretly wishing for the person to find your mobile number then text you but in replay u answer with a pretence of surprises he he..... Selecting the best place in the canteen and grabbing the opportunity to talk and sit and pass comments on the guys in next corners (didn’t I tell socializing not allowed???).The naughty smiles, the comments of friends, passing your critical opinion of those you envied and hated. The taste of tears when you lost your friends, the heartache when you were ditched and dumped. These are moments that can make emotions flow at any time in life..

Times when you have to make an urgent phone call and arrive at the telephone booth only to find a big queue with some folks on the phone having a `I don't care about you' kind of attitude, laughing and chatting while the rest of us frown….hiding your mobiles inside

 dustbin to washing powder tin(creativity at its best)…charging mobile through bulb holders(idea can make difference isn’t??)     

The Women’s  day, the college day and gathering, are the most awaited days in the college when every boy and girl `dress-to-kill' and have a gala time. Hey! Don’t forget the Friendship day, Valentines Day and other days for expressing our feelings.

And now, talking of our lecturers who scream their lungs out to fill something in our empty upper chambers and help us fill that white sheet of paper with those black lines which we get somewhere around November-December and March-April (Semester system u know…). And what do we say about them; well……..
we  are never bored passing comments on the way they look, dress or talk……

I will never forget my college years, they have been the best years in my life till now. I have seen, learnt and experienced so much.

I have found friends, some didn't care and drifted apart. I will always remember my favorite place in college, my professors, the canteen coffee, my lab…above all my unforgettable hostel  life…., all my friends, those innocent and decent faces of people who turned out to be devils in disguise(who can forget those ragging that vas supposed to be banned in college). All the twists in the kaleidoscope of life are experiences that have helped me mature. I will cherish them forever and ever…..

So enjoy your college life because these moments will never come again…These are the good old days you gonna miss in the coming years..But always keep a good ground on why you are studying or else the whole fun would turn out to be a night mare if you get off track not realizing your live your dream and enjoy every they say its  just not the attainment of goal which is adds a dazzle to life but the journey itself that has to be relished or you’ll miss the fun of it..


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