Monday, September 3, 2012


Words that I hid in silence 
threaten me to escape through eyes...
Some are still stuck between tongue and throat..
There are still  questions that I can't answers.,
answers that really don't fit in...
The delibrate sounds  bring nothing except meaningless expressions..
Losing the space when even silence speakes .,
Now even words don't explain...
Don't the eyes speak??? 
Not when there is nothing could be seen....
Magical fragrance ride through mystic silence..
Fragrance of expressions still lingering on...

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The colour is grey

Breeze that left stillness behind,
Painted stillness engulfing horizon..
grey with the streak of silver
shards of darkness beginning to expand
reigning the lost track ,
to endure deeper herald and darker being..
Life short of dibs
velleity losing its charm...
Just another dream, just another longing to move on..

Monday, July 23, 2012

Leaving behind...

Ebb crying loud..
Delphic breeze singing high...
Waves cease to touch my feet
cast off leaves rumbling away
Hollow of darkness
lighted by stars
Heart shudders, 
when words are not enough
neglected garden of joy
When healer begings to ache the torn away memory
whom to turn around??
Trust is precious to be granted now..
Believing the fake.,
Living for a lost destiny..
Smiles are hard to flint.,
love for a dommed day is yet to be..
remniscence of tortured memories 
lingers on like an adamant child..

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Along came the wind...

Golden glow of the morning horizon
Hovering bright then ,Setting ablaze
Humbling downby the realm of dusk
Frozen tear melted
I am riddled, scrupling through.,
My heart is painting rainbow again
Romancing to tune of loss..
Even the bravest heart tremor, as the tempest of sorrow falls heavy,
Rumbling leaves stirred by gentle breeze,
Step out listen deep,
Heart questions are undeniable
even when they are obscure
above the wild surging waves,
safer retreat in yourself
gathering along and wading low..
weighing each step through still silence all painted pale.,
Somewhere a loose dull leaf defied the silence playing along the breeze.,
and all swayed gently lifting the melancholy and my spirits....

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