Saturday, October 16, 2010


 Clasped to the hum
Of gentle hem and haw of lily,
Hearing the blustering billow..
Of the soul-inspiring breeze,
The exhilarating beauty of summer night
That’s lost under vicious sun
Mystic wonder lingering in..
Frozen silence floating through air..
And thirst to grip its freshness
or sigh to see the twinkling leaf,
And watch the waving bough
Wishing for another winter to borrow
Footsteps of bliss walking away .
I’m learning the harder way that no season lasts forever..
As the sun quickly fades into a lifeless beauty
This will also pass on…
Nature though deaf and blind,
always speaks its heart to the one who listens..

Monday, October 11, 2010


On the cimmerian wings of night
In around and through
I hear a voice faraway
Cauldron of dreams and fallen petals..
Darkening night,
Of faith and fervor
As though darkest is yet to be…
Let them all render in me,
As the crescent castaway ..
Im still wildly longing for yet another mystic orb.
 Twinkling stars to comfort the night
I look upon with a calm unruffled brow
And my soul ceases again….

Sunday, September 12, 2010

IM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Beneath the morning moon
Basking sun rays glint in
Fading moon, blurring away
A whip of moist breeze
I blinked undeterred
Upon fluttering butterfly
Coloured wonder
Drawing a sigh trying to find
Beautiful words to match the marvel
Listening to cricket fading off to nowhere..
The chirrup all around me cheering me up
Peck of woodpecker rhyming up
As my steps take me home aroma of my favourite coffee filling in…
I sit back in my cosy comfort of my pillow and sip in
And IM HOME!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

en route......

There is sea of emotions in heart that sometimes ebb away or most often drift into whirlpool,but seldom expressed in words...
Silence is the language and they go unnoticed
Eyes play the game not paying heed
Sometimes as a whimper sometimes as mute tear...
Still my mind is afresh as a morning breeze how I do it I know not...
As the breeze play the hushed lullaby I wish,
They could carry the veiled thoughts,
So I can drift away like a feather
But somehow the personal treasure is difficult to shed away with but to be buried deep in..
Foundation for a new day I call, experience the failed ones name..
Still rooted and quiescent how can my heart be flooded with emotion???
I’m still amazed to watch each golden rays of dawning sun flaxing me…
Life is not an undone canvas, but an empty canvas to be done with colours of essence and zest for life itself..
There’s no point to be let it be black and white or with a shade of grey but with all the marvel at its best.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Many a time I failed to listen to the
Silence creeping in…
Like the departing dusk
The last ray went with no good bye.
Even on a cold winters my heart warm,
Can hear every unsung song in rhythm of time.
No one leaves a wreath of flowers to the departing spring
For you know one day she’ll return in all her beauty
But what about those lonely sand dune,
Awaiting a drop of life
Knowing none will come forever,
The long await never ceases

Friday, June 11, 2010

On a new day...

In solitude with monsoon breeze for company

I look up to see the dark clouds hovering heavy

Dark cloud covering the mighty sun

I see the silver lining bright and beautiful

Lightning strikes and the first drop of rain

Wrapping me up with the fragrance,

Mystic and ecstatic.

Still listening to chime somewhere far

The music of the bells fading out in the downpour

I capture every moment of the serenity deep into my soul

Monday, March 8, 2010


Looking out of the window.

Head to the window listening to the whispering breeze..

Searching for the moon and the realms.

They baffle me;

The radiance striking against the darkness,

playing hide and seek with the clouds.

 I soar above and wane at the days that befell me.

Unseeing eyes and discern heart searching.

I wonder what….

I wonder why….

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cast away

Sometimes spring just walk in

Melting each flake of snow at a time..

Gentle breeze, fragrance all over…

Perfume that cast a wing of hope,

towards the unknown horizon wide and bright.

And my innermost heart heard something afar,

May be not that far, rustling of fallen leaves all around

But I thought it was just spring!!!!



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The wilt

Walking ahead wondering where..

Stumbling over old memories still anew…

Footsteps fading away, footprints lost…

Dawn turning to dusk

Scattered dreams like rustling leaves

Silent rain whispering aloud , but frozen silence is all that is left

Burying all in heart is the best hideaway!

Tears and wimps woven together..

Time in its mercy may all glide away!!!!


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