Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moment to treasure on....

Pondering on… Crashing waves for company I feel to spread my wings, take a leap just to see what lies ahead...Gazing at the stars I realize that some of them would have been extinct by now just like those moments in our life whose magic we realize after they are lost forever...Time in its flight how much I wish to be taken to a place where I just can hold onto every moment..Warmth of the breeze embracing me for eternity...This moon swept dunes would leave footprint in my heart forever..


  1. Those roads tat took me never knew me wel as i knew them,
    black asphalt under my sneakers,
    timez runnin, slippin thro my fingers,
    as ur thoughts tat lingers,
    i think of u n remember
    all the memories tat i treasure...

    nice one btw!

  2. This reminisces me of the good old days in from the past.

  3. Amazing mam.. thats all i can say for this

  4. really a grt pic....also the wordings... this reminded me of my passion of driving....gud one...



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