Friday, July 31, 2009

Brimming per navitas

After a span of almost 9 years I was hearing from one of my childhood friends (thanks to the orkut) and listening to her, those good old memories just filled in...Disconnecting the call my spirits were still high and my smile was still intact though stuck to my face forever..Then I realized that we never get old when it comes to the our childhood friends, they remain forever young...Nothing really change them those good old memories where you always feel belonged…The music of life, Where the symphony is at its best ..those pranks, those fun filled moments with childhood innocence to teenage whims everything make a golden note in the hearts scrapbook….and when the years run like passing dream with just a blink of eye when you return to them your heart finally says “ this is where you belong”,…..isn’t???? and now when I look back , I love all of those even more dearly holding them still more close….and here I’m delighting in the voice of friendship and the school that gave me all this for many years…and years of what made what I’m.. and to all my friends whom I miss very badly…

Listening to rain, sometimes you feel like those rain drops too have a story to say.. Silent they are still whispering aloud…At times for no good reason when you feel lonely and there your mobile beeps, see your friend’s message sending a big you just feel like spreading your hands wide and embrace them filled with love…

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  1. wonderfull writings
    very hard to find

    good stuff



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