Sunday, August 2, 2009


Gathering up the perfume from the lost flowers…
They say it's not beautiful anymore cos the fragrance is lost forever
Shadows of cool breeze, I saw them through moonlight;
and saw the path and slivering through I’m not sure what it were;
I heard a familiar voice;
On my warm face the breeze was kind and warm.
The silence seemed to speak……..
All ramblers seem to add to the charm of the moment ….
Still something was missing and the rustling of leaves grew louder..
And the voice says within me that’s
There’s no beauty in me anymore……..
Even when I’m searching for right words…
I wish if I could know me through….


  1. tat ws a lovely post.. keep writin !!

  2. "there is no beauty in me anymore"

    nice metaphours

    keep writing



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