Friday, June 26, 2009

Capturing rain....

Its raining again and im caught in the storm of memories…memories that got locked in heart which should have been a treasured nugget…and now all of them haunting hitting the spine and it much I wish if I had the key to unlock and free myself from it..memories that sings to the tune and rhythm of thunders the pitter patter of rain still on…carrying that old picture for long why doesn’t it fade away???gentle moments…are they?????


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  2. This is what they call simply superb, rather simple and superb. I like the language you use, as if you are on the page and telling the story. Very casual and orthodox at the same time..good going..keep it ROLLING :)

  3. nice blog.. Similar thoughts ... chk out my page too!

    keep scribblin ;)

  4. yes vibi..ur rite.nosalagic memories r really a treasure for one s dsnt wilng to fade d picts, fun, memories etc., til one's lst breath these butiful portion il strik as breze in everyon lifs. at d tyme v ppl r smilin, cryng wthout knwoing ourself. dis s wt everyone yrs latr ther s no tym to thin al d past one. i wsh dis s d crct plc wher v shar our memories..keep it post vibi..

  5. kavitha viriyunna oru manassil ninnum ozhukiyethiya vakkukal.nalla language..iniyum ezhuthu...



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