Monday, December 8, 2014


alone at the daybreak
lonely at night
desolate all along
deserted is the path
wandering forlorn
silent settling in the shadow of dark clouds
darker gets the long day
when the fall is inevitable,
standing on edge
that is when the inner peace gushes in
freedom flooding through
feel of bliss
feeling alive..

Monday, December 1, 2014

Monsoon love

The smell of rain
ah monsoon , there you crashed back into my life.
Stillness shaken off, awakened into a new being,
the notes of rain drops tuning to the call of crickets
cacophony of frogs seem like a happy time around me.
breeze whistling to the pitter patter against my window
Lullaby soothing my soul..
Moody sun and playful moon,
All find solace in the monsoon spirit..
The soothing music of rain around,
wonders of the natrure drinking ounce of it
Rejunevated. rekindled
I feel revived , I feel rouse...

Sunday, July 6, 2014


 my own footsteps sounds afar
aloof to my own voice
when I seem distant to my own self
I look up the sky for my distant moon
somehow the distance closes 
that is both comforting and soothing
Bucking of time searing feverous..
Crimson is to apple and rubies so is to rage, blood and sunset.
But then I see a crimson rose and a butterfly fluttering to it, 
I understand that when there are hundred shades for distress there could be thousand shades for delight.


Sunday, March 2, 2014


Day's colours begins to fade
for the night to descend..
As the last leaves of the dying tree fall,
rustling through with nothing to linger on
gently disappearing into the shadows 
into the home of darkness..
Emptiness deep and dark
all seem like a nightmare.
the shrill deafening and sharp..
Merciful crescent glimmers its silver ray,
brightening the silhouette all over..  
Radiance of calm lifts the spirit 
soaring and soothing 
this is the horizon where it begins where it seems fade and end..

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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Closing my eyes floating like a feather  
Smile and let the soul celebrate
Don't fall under the weight of puzzled thoughts
Or clutches of qualms curb you down
Let the spirit liberate
When haze of doubts blind the sight, let determination fasten ahead..
There are maze of mysticism deep and far
Volley of words escape like fallen leaves then rustling away aimlessly
But beyond the horizon only my dream can see
tranquility soothing and serenity 
Let the life begin


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