Wednesday, March 27, 2013


None curse the breeze for shedding those petals
of a wild flower.
Rustling fallen leaves are only walked over…
Every moment cheerful marigold is scorned..
yet thorny roses are embraced!!!
Is it the mystic beauty that’s  loved?
while steadfast yearning , is disdained
Sun is destined to burn for eternity,yet cast away...
 while crescent is adored upon...
On a dark mourn every silver silhouette is a dreaded liberty
Thinnest of suns ray  kiss a bud to bloom,
But some souls are doomed in neglect...
When drizzle goes unnoticed,
It takes a downpour to make its mark!!!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Words that I hid in silence
are shouting high and low in me...
Sailing through the sea of loss
diving into the depth of wreckage..
Notes high of longing and low on yearning
I wish I could smile at least a flint of it
Even when my shadow left..
I felt the solace in darkness..
Mulling the impetuous
I pirouetted in shock
Staggering and stammering when everything seems afar
I wish I could be a loyal rose,
leaving the fragrance even when crushed..
or the faithful sun that rises every morning in spite of the spiteful dusk pushing it afar..


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