Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some memories down the lane...

Some  memories never leave us .,they are engraved in hearts scrapbook with all its beauty and tenderness gentle yet strong…

I’m sure none of us remember our first puddle so is my case..

But I went back to mom and ask and she’ll had every account of it
looking into her eyes as she described them i went back to those days again..

I was mesmerized by the vibes that went in through as she did ..

Mom who taught me to take my first step who held on with hope through every fall of mine..

I can still see her turn her face when I have fun in Paragliding or when im in giant wheels....

Kids never really grow up for the mother isn’t????

Sitting back I can feel them…. And I know they’ll always be there…

I can’t even recall how I was scared of stage

The stage fear was the worst in my teenage age too...But my dad  took it away from me

Like a magician with a wave of wand….

And he can recall it  all, my excitement after every win..

My disappointments when I lost..he taught me the spirit of sportsmanship ,

Not by mere words but as a standing example...

He taught me life is not about winning after all…
His arms were strong enough for a life like mine
Always directing me through right path be it teaching how to ride a bicycle or handling situations of life.,

And I know he is still there for me
His thoughts are the guiding light
blessed with warmth and love…

To two people in my life who are my world….love u..

and now another tear rolls down and dies a gentle death another smile peeps out and weathers down before it could end……………….



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