Saturday, October 16, 2010


 Clasped to the hum
Of gentle hem and haw of lily,
Hearing the blustering billow..
Of the soul-inspiring breeze,
The exhilarating beauty of summer night
That’s lost under vicious sun
Mystic wonder lingering in..
Frozen silence floating through air..
And thirst to grip its freshness
or sigh to see the twinkling leaf,
And watch the waving bough
Wishing for another winter to borrow
Footsteps of bliss walking away .
I’m learning the harder way that no season lasts forever..
As the sun quickly fades into a lifeless beauty
This will also pass on…
Nature though deaf and blind,
always speaks its heart to the one who listens..

Monday, October 11, 2010


On the cimmerian wings of night
In around and through
I hear a voice faraway
Cauldron of dreams and fallen petals..
Darkening night,
Of faith and fervor
As though darkest is yet to be…
Let them all render in me,
As the crescent castaway ..
Im still wildly longing for yet another mystic orb.
 Twinkling stars to comfort the night
I look upon with a calm unruffled brow
And my soul ceases again….


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