Saturday, April 13, 2013


Of all the things
That went wrong ..
At least I have learned to be strong or did I get weaker??
Or worse???
For nothing last forever
Not even the pain
My past days, seem in far distant
Clearing my thought like the surf washes the imprints in sand..
I live by the moments and the moments there
The memories I no longer desire
I’m charring them into ashes
Now things are all new
Nothing I’ve ever known..

To walk the road alone,
I'll take a stroll in the happy days
With bliss and elation surrounding me
Never waiting for spring
I'll enjoy the sunshine..
Even when the green dim, falling and rustling
Still I’ll watch the beauty in faded delight..
I've known much happiness
This is my share of joy that I'll live for eternity...

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