Tuesday, September 24, 2013

When death comes knocking your door

Death is the most dreaded topic of all ..A topic that makes a happy conversion go gloomy , I find people often uncomfortable when talk about death crops up..Of course I am not much into it either ,because I dread it too simply because everything around me is so beautiful with gods grace that I can't imagine myself out of it..But no matter how much you keep yourself away from it, like birth, death too comes to us or we all step into it one day or other..Few live a full life while for many  it comes early..As a kid I have  wondered what would it be like to be dead, for  I had witnessed death only through movies were the actors come alive in the very next movie, so back then it was never a big deal until I saw  my neighbor die, she died having lived a full life surrounded by her grand children and children peacefully , that is the time when my young mind got a real bite of death, a one way journey from which you don't return from...Though philosophically one can define in many ways, but the fact remains that we lose a person once for all physically after death...

But why am I talking about it  now?? The reason being a sad demise of one of my friends ..She was one of the wonderful persons I have known, though we were not particularly close, we  shared few good moments together back in our college days and managed to stay in touch even after her marriage an subsequent commitments .The news came as a shock , this made me to sit back and pull myself back from my everyday hustle and think about life in a very different dimension..

Every single day we rush and push ourselves a step ahead for everyone around so that we could bring ourselves and our family a better tomorrow..Often we part ways with our loved ones, friends  for trivial things, but if we knew we may not have a day called tomorrow would we act the same way...Would we utter harsh  words that we could never take back?? Many a times, there are people who come our way whom we don't help and lack of time is our most common excuse..What if we knew the person who is standing in front of us didn't have a day called tomorrow would we still ignore him???Would our act be the same way..Perhaps no..We all boast in the name of tomorrow but if if we didn't have such a thing..

Okay now leave about the outside world take the case of our own family, how many times we ignore a call from home in the name of busy schedule..Even if we pick the phone, I have seen many answering the call with their mind and eyes still browsing the internet( I tried that and my mom refused to talk to me the whole day) with half attention to the caller and half on the screen...Few days back one my colleagues happen to tell me that, its been a week that she spoke to her mom, which made me to think that I,  never had that problem., as my mom calls me every single day with so much consistency even on the time of call that many a times I have taken the calls for granted..I never tell her enough how much I appreciate her concern when my days are bad ..I don't tell my dad enough how much it means to me when he tells me that I'm born to cross every hurdle ...I don't tell my friends enough who call up to check on me a midst their very busy schedule if I their messages aren't answered... I have never bother to tell them  how great it feels when they take time from  their work to cheer me up to see a smile across my face...I am one of the luckiest person in the world to be blessed with all the wonderful people in my world..I could have been anyone out there with no one to ask or care for but I'm not..Even on a real bad day I have people  to lean and relax ,people to spill all my box of woes., above all a bliss called life to live by with all its wonder...

So I guess rather than saving for future, its time that we live the moment, for tomorrow never comes..Enjoy , relax ...Smile to a stranger- you never know what difference that could mean upon his dull day.. Render a helping hand whenever needed , see to it that every help that you receive is taken forward for the chain to build on...Live the beauty of life till death comes knocking your way!!!! 

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