Monday, April 1, 2013


Horizon beclouding, thickening blackening...
loneliness masked in the name of solitude
cold and numb
that no sunshine can ever penetrate
tear sharp and slitting the skin staining deep down
I wish the rain could wash it away..
lost dream cared by none
broken promise, breaking the soul
words that knew no meaning
cheer and laugh seems like a distant past
how to hold the pieces together when everything is shattering around
there are no superman to take away the sorrow..
and now it comes down to me
all alone all the way
but I know someday
a smile will dawn on me shining brighter than the sunshine
and that day is not too far!!!!


  1. "if winter comes/ can spring be far behind??"
    - Shelly, 'Ode to the West Wind'

    in order to make the upcoming sunshine(smile) a golden one, there are clouds on your sky at present...



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