Sunday, September 12, 2010

IM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Beneath the morning moon
Basking sun rays glint in
Fading moon, blurring away
A whip of moist breeze
I blinked undeterred
Upon fluttering butterfly
Coloured wonder
Drawing a sigh trying to find
Beautiful words to match the marvel
Listening to cricket fading off to nowhere..
The chirrup all around me cheering me up
Peck of woodpecker rhyming up
As my steps take me home aroma of my favourite coffee filling in…
I sit back in my cosy comfort of my pillow and sip in
And IM HOME!!!!!!!!!


  1. ur words always make me nostalgic... I havnt read a para so beautifully carved out of words in my recent times.. Keep it up... I ll always follow ur jottings with moist eyes..



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