Tuesday, August 31, 2010

en route......

There is sea of emotions in heart that sometimes ebb away or most often drift into whirlpool,but seldom expressed in words...
Silence is the language and they go unnoticed
Eyes play the game not paying heed
Sometimes as a whimper sometimes as mute tear...
Still my mind is afresh as a morning breeze how I do it I know not...
As the breeze play the hushed lullaby I wish,
They could carry the veiled thoughts,
So I can drift away like a feather
But somehow the personal treasure is difficult to shed away with but to be buried deep in..
Foundation for a new day I call, experience the failed ones name..
Still rooted and quiescent how can my heart be flooded with emotion???
I’m still amazed to watch each golden rays of dawning sun flaxing me…
Life is not an undone canvas, but an empty canvas to be done with colours of essence and zest for life itself..
There’s no point to be let it be black and white or with a shade of grey but with all the marvel at its best.

1 comment:

  1. "Silence is the language and they go unnoticed"

    Silence do get noticed.. Especially by your loved ones.. It is just that most of the them people dare not to ask 'why', because they know that they can't handle it when the silence is broken..



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