Monday, February 23, 2015

Certain points in life

One of my friends came to me explaining how terrible life has been to her..After all, she said that she deserved to be happy!!!! True we all deserve to be happy, no matter what but then at what cost..Is there a cost for happiness? well in this world nothing comes free not even a simple smile...That being said I got back to my dear friend  to see what her problem really was, from my vantage she had a healthy life with a supportive husband a healthy child and a comfortable life but then its a bird's eye view..But hello we all have problems, at least once in your life a person would have gone through a phase where one feels worthless and low.. It might be when you see a person whom you love is hurt and you can do nothing about it, or when a person whom you trusted with your life betrays you , loss of loved ones and the reasons are endless..But from what I have seen people feel hurt when their loved ones ignore you..I have even witnessed in first person account of how a person drifts to a state of depression as they hold no importance to anyone anymore... But does that mean that you don't have a life of your own? When you hit the rock bottom that could be a solid foundation to start with.. But you know what easily said than done especially its about emotions and when it comes down to it we all want to be loved, hold a special place in someones life..If we all want to be loved and cared then why do so many around us feel lonely ?

All troubles start when you start to take the other person for granted and that is when you start to lose them and we humans are bestowed with an immense talent for taking things for granted.How many times have we taken our parents love for granted , as though they don't have a life of their own, our friends care  for granted as though they were meant to pick up the pieces..We often overlook on how diligently the people in our small bubble do love and care about us, all seems so well that its always easy to let slide ..Most often we overlook  how beautiful our life really, we somehow stop to appreciate it  and we run  run so fast that at one point when we look there would be none to cherish the moment, smile at our achievements after your loved ones might get tired of your indifference..Small task a day one task at a time , is it too much to appreciate your moms coffee with a smile, is it too much to call up a friend and talk to her/him for no real reason, is it too much to surprise your loved one with a rose..Making feel others that you care is not that difficult if only you take time from your mad run of work and profession..

As I sit all by myself just with my cup of coffee I was trying  to look at all the blessings in my life and then it occurred to me that having a  cup of coffee with all peace surrounding me at the cosy comfort of my room itself was blessing.. For I know there are people half planet away from their home missing their dear ones, there are many more out there who don't have friends to share their beautiful moment, many more who don't have a partner to share their mundane activities...Remniscing all the wonderful moments are best thing that could happen to anyone  on a stressful day, when nothing seems right and what if you would stop having those sweet memories to hang on to ?Well then  is high time you to shake yourself from the dusty shell and look around and enjoy a beautiful sunrise, gentle breeze a bud blooming into its glory and all wonderful things that are always around us..

I know writing this my thoughts are rather scattered and random about things but then that is how sometimes you feel like, where one thought relate to another before you realise there are cascade of them and its like you are happy confused determined and high all at the same time..

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  1. //If we all want to be loved and cared then why do so many around us feel lonely ?//

    The answer is simple. We all want TO BE LOVED and we don't concentrate on spreading love. We are more focused on getting than giving. Somehow I differ from your perspective of blessing. A blessing isn't something that you can compare with others, like something I have which others don't have. If one learns to see pain and blessing as two different things (that they cannot be combined together to get a perspective), we can say that the person is matured. At that time, you will peacefully experience the pain as you would enjoy the blessing. That's the way they were supposed to be perceived, I believe.



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